A girl from nineties, I grew up on disposable cameras, bulky Kodaks, and camcorders. I was obsessed with capturing moments. My parents noticed, so for my tenth birthday, they gifted me a Barbie branded polaroid camera. My passion for creating with a camera in my hand has never died.

From the point and shoot cameras of the early 2000s to the vintage Pentax film camera I used in the photography class I took at my local community college, I have always felt most alive with a camera in my hand.

Here I am now, a lifetime later, with over a decade of experience on BOTH sides of a camera (I worked as a professional model, once upon a time...) and doctoral candidate status in the field of Communication. 

Kara Garcia 

Hello, I'm

I am ready to take everything I have learned about photography, branding, and communication and use it to help you bring the visions of your heart to life - with clarity, of course. *

The Values:

to inspire everyone with the truth that they are worthy of keepsake photos & killer content.

AMOCLARITY is centered around the concept of Imago Dei; we were all made in the image of God.

Through this lens, we value spirituality, family, community, creativity, and expression in all forms. 

The Vision:

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